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Located in Sweetwater, Texas

A Division of Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

West Texas Molding’s production capabilities include 8 injection molding machines ranging in size and capacity from 3 oz. – 11.5 ton to 60 oz. – 770 ton. This range of injection molding machines covers most needs quite adequately. We have a lot of experience with thermoset type materials using both single and multi-cavity “family” type molds. Other molding operations we offer include over-molding, insert-molding, and strain relief.

List of Machines

  • Van Dorn 230 ton
  • Van Dorn 230 ton, 20 oz
  • Van Dorn 230 ton, 30 oz
  • Van Dorn 400 ton
  • Van Dorn 770 ton, 60 oz
  • Van Dorn 120 ton, 8 oz
  • Arburg 35 ton
  • True Blood 50 ton
WTM vandorn 770WTM machinery3
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