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A Division of Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

Due to privacy concerns, we are not typically permitted to reveal many of the interesting projects we have worked on. Fortunately, Ludlum Measurements does not mind, so most of those presented below are examples from their line of products.

Example 1 - Ludlum Model 9DP

M9DP Parts

This radiation detection instrument took eight molds, all designed and fabricated by WTM. The instrument is molded using polycarbonate plastic. The brown color matches that used by the instrument manufacturer on all of its other metal constructed instruments.

Example 2 - Ludlum Model 25

M25 Parts

This is a personal radiation monitor used primarily by first responders to warn them anytime they enter into a potentially dangerous radiation field. This device is designed for very rugged handling and environments given the exposure to extreme temperatures and water.

Example 3 - ADIT PMT Bases & Sockets

PMT Parts

Here is a good example of overmolding on a set of pins located around the perimeter of this photomultiplier tube base. These devices detect minute flashes of light in scintillator material and output an electrical signal for processing.

Example 4 - Ludlum Cables

Overmolded Connector

This cable incorporates a great example of our strain relief capability. These cables are subjected to a lot of abuse in operation, and these robust strain reliefs have greatly enhanced their longevity.

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