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Located in Sweetwater, Texas

A Division of Ludlum Measurements, Inc.

West Texas Molding has over 21,000 ft2 of operating space and 8 injection molding machines at present. Since the purchase of this business in 2000, WTM has invested continually in updating its machinery, expanding space, and training our employees.

Additional investment has also been made in tool and die equipment, warehousing, and software to facilitate our full-service offering.


  • Shop area: 12,000 ft2
  • Assembly Area: 2,730 ft2
  • Warehouse Storage Area: 4,232 ft2
  • Shipping Area: 1,312 ft2
  • Office Space: 750 ft2


  • Van Dorn 230 ton
  • Van Dorn 230 ton, 20 oz
  • Van Dorn, 230 ton, 30 oz
  • Van Dorn 400 ton
  • Van Dorn 770 ton, 60 oz
  • Van Dorn 120 ton, 8 oz
  • Arburg 35 ton
  • True Blood 50 ton
WTM machinery2 WTM arburg 35
WTM vandorn 230WTM sonitek
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